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Ruby Sparkle - Cosmetic Bioglitter™ - Chunky

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Our cosmetic bioglitter is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic based glitter and has been developed to tackle microplastic pollution created by glitter. Reasons to love our bioglitter:

  • Same physical appearance of plastic glitter.
  • 30-40% softer than traditional polyester glitter.
  • More comfortable on the skin than other glitters.
  • Cosmetic grade, allergen free and vegan friendly.
  • Animal cruelty free and has never been tested on animals.
  • Does not desolve in water so perfect for bath bomb use.
  • Based on sustainably biodegradable film.
  • Made from plant derived renewable materials (eucalyptus).
  • Ethically sourced from responsibly managed plantations.
  • Naturally biodegrades into harmless substances.
  • Degrades in environmental microorganisms and bacteria.

Our bioglitters are cut in a beautiful distinct hexagonal shape and can be used in a wide variety of applications. They are suitable for use in cosmetics, wax melts and can be used to decorate the outside of pillar candles and container candles.

Please note: Our bioglitters are not suitable for use in candles (can be used to decorate the outside) or anywhere where a naked flame may come into contact with them.

**Colour may differ from screen due to screen resolutions.