Animal Testing Declaration

Animal Testing Declaration

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Issue Date: 26/03/2021

Version 1

Truly Personal Ltd, Unit C4 Goldbank Business Park, Wilton Road, Humberston, DN36 4AW


We, Truly Personal Ltd hereby declare that all products manufactured by Truly Personal Ltd, or are manufactured on behalf of Truly Personal Ltd, have never been tested on animals and are animal cruelty free.

Truly Personal Ltd has never conducted animal testing and has never commissioned any outside organisation to do it on our behalf.

We also declare that all raw materials used in our products are not from an animal origin and have not been subject to animal testing by or on behalf of our suppliers.

All our fragrance oils are manufactured using only natural and synthetic materials.

We have always used carefully selected suppliers that have also never tested any ingredient or final product on an animal in the UK or any other part of the world.

No animal testing is conducted or commissioned for our finished products or ingredients in any phase of product development by or for ourselves.


Joy & Simon Lawson

Company Directors

Truly Personal Ltd


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