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EcoSoya Melt Wax (Melts)

EcoSoya Melt Wax (Melts)

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Product Information


An all-natural soy wax specifically designed for making wax melts.

∙ Offers an excellent hot and cold throw.
∙ Can take a fragrance load of up to 12%
∙ Holds vibrant colour when using dyes.
∙ Arrives in pellet form for ease of use.
∙ Easily releases from silicone moulds.
∙ Gives a smooth and creamy finish.
∙ Biodegrades and is vegan friendly.
∙ Does not contain GMO products.
∙ Requires only one single pour.

How to Use

🧪 Adding Colour - Melt the wax to around 75°C, add your liquid or chip dyes and stir until evenly mixed. If dyes are not being used, melt the wax to 70°C.

🧼 Silicone Moulds - Moulds should be clean and at least room temperature to help aid release.

🫗 Fragrance / Pouring - Pour at 60°C and add your fragrance oil as close to pour temperature as possible. If you experience difficulties with your pour temperature, try a lower or higher temperature in increments of 5 - 10°C.

Tip: Minimise the time that the wax is at a high temperature in order to reduce burning off the fragrance.

Leave undisturbed and allow to cool.

Tip: If you have a delicate design, pop it in the fridge for 5 minutes before release.

⏳Curing Time - Soy wax typically has a cure time of 2 weeks, however after testing we found the scent throw to be great after 3 days.

Technical Details

The safety and technical documents can be found and downloaded above.

Our Quality Promise

We are proud stockists of the UK's main manufacturer and also the USA's leading botanical wax manufacturer. We stock a range of waxes made from soy, coconut etc that are suitable for candles & melts.