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Kerawax 4600 Pillar Blend Wax

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**Due back in stock: 4th March**

Kerawax 4600 is a paraffin wax blend specifically developed for the production of pillar candles. Benefits of this wax are:

  • Outstanding stability with no experienced shelf life issues.
  • Suitable for blending with fragrances and oil soluble dye.
  • Old or partial candles can be re melted and wax reused.
  • Provides an excellent scent throw, both hot and cold.
  • Works well with silicone moulds and releases easily.
  • No animal or GMO products are used in this wax.
  • Provides excellent hot and cold scent throw.
  • Can take a fragrance load of up to 10-12%*
  • Not tested on animals in its manufacture.
  • Also ideal for making wax melts.
  • Fast cure time of 48 hrs.
  • Requires no additives. 

*The CLP we provide with our fragrance oils is for use up to 10%. A new CLP would be needed if the full 12% is used.

Full detailed instructions for this wax (including wicking and pouring) can be found in the Technical Data Sheet.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Technical Data Sheet (TDS) are both available to download below.

  SDS       TDS