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Neon Orange Fluorescent Dye

Neon Orange Fluorescent Dye

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Product Information


∙ A powder pigment for adding bold, vibrant colour to your creations.
∙ All our neons are cosmetic safe and suitable for use in: wax melts, candles, whipped soaps, shower gels & more.
∙ Achieve a pastel colour or a bright vivid colour by using a little or a lot.
∙ Cruelty free and vegan friendly.
∙ Packaged in recyclable bags.

Please Note: colour may differ slightly due to different screen resolutions.

How to Use

Candles / Wax Melts: We recommend that you start testing with a small amount added to your wax and then gradually increase this until you get the vibrancy you require.

Tip: We got the best results by dispersing the powder at the bottom of the mixing jug, pouring the wax into it and then stirring to avoid the powder clumping.

Simmering Granules: We recommend adding 1g to 1kg of simmering granules and then gradually increasing this until you get the vibrancy you require.

Cosmetics: It is suitable for Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR) so you can use our neons in shower gels, hot & cold process soap, whipped soap and more. Start by adding a small amount to your product and then increase this until you reach the desired vibrancy.

Wax Melt / Bath Bomb Painting: Add a small amount of 99.9% rubbing alcohol to the neon, mix and then paint using either a paintbrush or spray gun.

Bath Bombs: We recommend using polysorbate 80 in your recipe when using neons to help aid dispersion in the water.

Storage: We strongly advise that you keep your mica powders in dry conditions and store them out of direct sunlight.

Technical Details

Yellow 5 (C.I. 19140)

Our Quality Promise

We stock superior quality pigments from a world leading manufacturer to make finished products bright, colourful and bold enough to stand out from the crowd.