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Shell Mould

Shell Mould

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    ∙ Designed exclusively by Truly Personal.
    ∙ Deep enough to allow for embeds.
    ∙ Made from PETG plastic for durability.
    ∙ Also suitable for soap making & more.
    ∙ Reusable, food safe and lightweight.

    Please note: The bath bomb is not included.

    How to Use

    Push your mix into all areas of the mould. Using a knife, carefully slice the excess mix from the base leaving a flat surface. Turn and place the mould on your work surface, then using the back of the knife, gently tap the mould and lift away.

    Please note: Using excessive force will damage the mould.

    Tip: If you experience difficulties, try dusting the mould with a little bicarb.

    Wash the mould with mild soapy water and allow to dry naturally.

    Technical Details

    Measurements: 10.5 x 10 x 3 cm

    Our bath bomb weighed 235g.

    Our Quality Promise

    We are proud to design and exclusively manufacture all our moulds in-house so you won't find them anywhere else. All our designs allow for the use of embeds so colourful bath art can be achieved.