Our Story So Far

Truly Personal our story so far about how we started and where we are going

Hi and welcome to our online store. It's great to see you here :)

Truly Personal was founded by myself (Joy) and my husband (Simon) back in 2013. We were looking for a personalised gift and we struggled to find what we were looking for or the items we found were to be of a poor standard. So we decided to create our own 'back kitchen table' business personalising items and making them special for our customers.

I was at the time, a stay at home Mum to two little cherubs whilst Simon worked full time. Being a Mum in itself is a full time job but whenever I got five minutes, I would beaver away at creating our brand, setting up trading accounts and building our website. Simon helped every evening when he got home from work.

We must be doing something right as we have gone from strength to strength ever since. So much so, we scarily made the decision for Simon to leave his full time job as I was unable to keep up with the workload on my own!

We both have a passion for taking an ordinary item and turning it into an extraordinary item. Something as simple as a BBQ burger flipper can be completely transformed when you engrave onto it, Dad, you're flippin' awesome! Or even a piece of acrylic cut into a heart shape and engraved with 'Our 1st Christmas Together' creates a unique keepsake that can hung on the tree for years to come.

Our aim is to provide a first class experience and excellent customer service. So you know that you can expect the best from us and that your items are personalised and unique for you.

In 2018 we decided that Simon should take over the personalised goods side of our business and I should follow my dream of adding candle making / bath bomb goods to our product list. I have made candles, melts, bath bombs and other beauty products for years and it has always been something I am very passionate about. Anything fragrance related excites me. We all have a scent that invokes a memory upon catching a sniff off it and I find this captivating. If I catch a whiff of Jasmine, it reminds me of my wedding day as I could smell the flowering Jasmine at the reception.

In just a year we have sourced a UK based fragrance house to make our own unique fragrances and they are appearing (slowly but surely) on our website. There are a lot of legalities to get my head around and I want to make sure that we get it right. We hope to expand our fragrance range in 2019, introduce liquid dyes and lots more. But a bit at a time.......so until next year.

Take care, Joy x