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Wax Melt CLP Labels (HB Clamshell)

Wax Melt CLP Labels (HB Clamshell)

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Product Information


∙ Designed for adding CLP labels to HB clamshells.
∙ Add 8 different TP scents (we print left to right)
∙ Scent descriptions are also added for end customer use.
∙ Sheet contains 4 labels.
∙ Adding a CLP label to your wax melts is a legal requirement to sell your products.
∙ Save time and take out the hassle of making your own with our in-house printing service.
∙ Suitable for wax melts made with a fragrance load of 10% or less.

How to Use

Simply fill in the details for the oils purchased along with your own details, add to basket and repeat as required, we'll then do the rest.

Please note: Double check your order as once placed, it cannot be amended.

When your labels arrive, stick onto your HB clamshell packaging. You are then compliant and can legally sell your products.

Technical Details

Individual Label Size: 13.9 x 9.9mm

Our Quality Promise

We aim to dispatch your CLP labels quickly, leaving you to concentrate on making your products without the stress and hassle of remaining compliant.